Ronna: Beauty, Brains and Bullets

ronna1Created by Ronna Coulter and Beau Smith

Written by Beau Smith
Pencils by Richard Pollard and Chris Ready
Inks by Bill Nichols and Bob Hickey
Published by Knight Press/Blue Line Pro
Photo Cover

Out with the bad girls and in with the good!

Ronna Coulter-this former Los Angeles Rams Cheerleader and swimsuit model transforms into a mixture of a female James Bond and all three of Charlie’s Angels, wrapped up in one very tight package. Who says you can’t fight global crime kings and still look really good?

krt1Ronna: Beauty, Brains and Bullets is a non-stop adventure in the world of big business and espionage. As the head of Ronlon Corporation, Ronna Coulter is known the world over for her business savvy and incredible beauty. When her evil rival – Domonic Garza, of Garza Industries -tries to take over Ronlon Corp. as well as Ronna herself, the action takes a turn for bruises and butt kicking as Garza makes his criminal move.

Based on the real life Ronna Coulter, this book is filled with great pulp-style art by Chris Ready and Richard Pollard, not to mention great photos of the leggy Ronna that will be the envy of all women and the desires of all men.

Join Ronna in this hot tub of action and adventure today!

“I was working late on some new defense contracts when corporate rival and all round creepazoid Domonic Garza decides to send one of his out-of-town goons to convince me to leave with him. Just like Marsha Brady, I don’t jump a car with just any moron that honks his horn…. or waves a gun in my face.”
–Ronna Coulter

Copyright and TM Ronna Coulter and Beau Smith