Parts Unknown

parts1Created by Beau Smith and Brad Gorby

Written by Beau Smith
Art by Brad Gorby and Richard Pollard
Inks by Brad Gorby, Randy Clark, Mark Heike, and Bill Nichols
Letters by Mindy Eisman and Blue Line Pro
Colors by Blue Line Pro
Covers by Brad Gorby, Dwayne Turner, Scot Eaton, Danny Miki, Flint Henry, Nat Jones, Tim Truman and Blue Line Pro
Published by Eclipse Comics, Knight Press/Blue Line Pro and Image Comics

parts2When you think of aliens, I hope and pray you don’t have those warm and fuzzy visions of E.T., Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, or Jodie Foster’s snooze-fest Contact. That’s not what aliens are supposed to be about. Those come from the politically correct world that all tree-squeezers have tried to make us live in. No kill-minded alien worth his weight in crushed human skulls would ever wanna invade a world like that.

What they want is a world worthy of taking over. One that will let them hand out as much punishment as possible. One where they can try and kill off the men, capture the women, and throw the rest into slavery.

Is that too much to ask for?

Parts Unknown is the story of two recovering alcoholic super-cops–Pendelton Spurr and Maria Lucci, trying to stave off an alien invasion of the most lurid proportions.

parts3The Scalons want to kill off the strong willed men of Earth. They want to have nasty sex with our women and produce a horrible hybrid race to enslave the rest of mankind.

Trouble is here… they’ve got scaly skin, and very big guns that can turn us all into paint splatter.

To make matters worse the Scalons are working under the guise of a Bill Gates type of corporation, making their stab at world domination just a little bit easier.

Find out if Spurr and Lucci tie a knot in the ass of this alien invasion, or if they fall off the wagon and under the wheel.

“Hissssss… your fleshy body is so bulbous… and firm!”
–Scalon thug of your choice.

Copyright and TM Beau Smith