Wynonna Earp Trade Paperback

wynonnatpbCreated and written by Beau Smith

Pencils by Joyce Chin and Pat Lee
Inks by Mark Irwin
Letters by Amie Grenier
Colors by Nathan Lumm
Computer Colors by Quantum Color FX
Covers by Joyce Chin, Jim Lee and Mark Irwin

Wynonna Earp. She lays claim to being the great granddaughter of the famous lawman, Wyatt Earp. Her great grandmother was an actress in Los Angeles back in the 1920s. Rumor has it that she had an affair with Earp while he was acting as a consultant on one of the many western films being made at the time.

wynonnahome1No documented fact can confirm or deny this affair. The stories of Wyatt Earp were passed down from Wynonna’s family. At a very early age she became fascinated with the history of her ancestor, Wyatt Earp. She dedicated her life to living up to the legendary name that she took as her own.

Wynonna became the best student, the best athlete, and the best graduate of law enforcement ever to study law and order. She was hand picked to be a part of a new U.S. Marshal Special Operations Unit, a unit that handled only the cases no one else could believe or ever dream of. This unit is known by many names within law enforcement: the Halloween Hunters, the Monster Squad and the Freak Finders, just to name a few. It was a job for those that had a special vision – to see beyond the normal crime, and far beyond the normal perpetrators. She was a Special Ops Marshal of the unit known as The Black Badge Division.

Wynonna is a weapons expert without peer, an Olympic-level athlete with high honors in most known fighting styles. Perhaps her greatest weapon is one she shares with her possible ancestor, Wyatt Earp: the power to be the coolest head in a very bad situation–to completely control her composure, no matter what the odds. She studied all the greatest law officers of the Untied States as well as the rest of the world, but the one she knows best is Earp… Wyatt Earp. His Legend. Her Legacy. Their law!

“When I wear the badge I am the law, and when I take off the badge-I’m still the law–only naked.”
–Wynonna Earp

Copyright and TM Beau Smith