Primate: The Sword Of Darwin

primateCo-Created & written by Beau Smith and Kevin Bernhardt

Published by Image Comics
Pencils by Mitch Byrd
Inks by Ryan Odagawa
Colors by Mark Nicholas
Letters by Mike Heisler for IDW
Cover A painted by David Michael Beck
Cover B illustrated by Alex Garner

More than a “Missing Link”… more like a DNA link to the past. One that leads to an ancient race of super primates that was equal to man. Now that link returns… To HUNT man!

Primate: The Sword of Darwin is truly a big budget movie put to print. Dazzling art by Mitch Byrd and Ryan Odagawa, incredible special effects, and a story by Beau Smith and Kevin Bernhardt that makes you question your own past.

The next step in evolution is the deadliest!

“That would leave you without enough dick to dangle.”

Copyright and TM Beau Smith, Kevin Bernhardt, and Idea & Design Works, LLC