n1036117303_168940_3266Full Name: Stephen Scott Beau Smith
Occupation: Cowboy Warrior King.
Born: Huntington, West Virginia. USA.
Current Base Of Operations: Ceredo, West Virginia-The Flying Fist Ranch (Also known as The Temple Of Testosterone)
Education: Marshall University

Maximum Facts: (If ya wanna believe em’.)

  • 22 years of sales and marketing experience in the entertainment business.
  • Former VP of Marketing and Publishing for Eclipse Comics, Image Comics, Todd McFarlane Productions/McFarlane ToysIDW Publishing and currently serving as Director of  Product Information for toy maker JUN Planning USA,
  • Currently Beau is enjoying a busy career as a freelance writer (comics, video games, films, novels and columns) as well as using his 22 years of experience in marketing and publishing on a consultant basis in entertainment.
  • 15 years as one of the most prolific comic book writers. Writing for such publishers as DC Comics, Image Comics, Eclipse Comics, Dreamwave Studios, Moonstone BooksDark Horse Comics, Capcom Video Games, and has done dialogue script work for major motion pictures studios.
  • Smith has written such characters as Batman, Superman, Wolverine, Star Wars’ Boba Fett, Jack Bauer/24 as well as creating his own properties Primate, Wynonna Earp, Parts Unknown, Maximum Jack, Courting Fate, Lost and Found, and Cossack.
  • Upcoming comic book projects include: Maximum Jack, Courting Fate, Fight Squad, and Expiration Date.
  • In 2009, Blue Line Pro published Beau’s self-Marketing book, No Guts, No Glory: How To Market Yourself In Comics. It has been a huge success and is noted by the publishing industry as a “Must Read” business book with a lot of common sense and laced with humor.

Legend has it that Smith was a contestant for the very first non-legalToughman Contest in West Virginia in the late 70s,One that was held in the freight yards and back alleys. The police never were able to break up this ring of bare knuckle fights. It is rumored that he also was used as hired fists for girls in college that had abusive boyfriends. Smith never took money, just a thank you and a beer was payment enough. During research for a story Smith took the training and is still a certified licensed bounty hunter. He has never actively engaged in he job, but found the research and training useful for his writing work.  Besides, he didn’t want to have to haul in his mother and other family members.

Other achievements:

  • Regular Columnist of “Busted Knuckles” at Comics Bulletin.
  • Regular Columnist of “From The Ranch” For Sketch Magazine.
  • Smith has also writes Pop Culture and business columns for Westfield Comics,  Impact: The Global Action Entertainment Magazine,Entertainment Retailer, Wizard Magazine, Comic Book Business, Comics & Games Retailer, The Comics Buyer’s Guide, and various other publications.
  • Smith has been the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for:
    Todd McFarlane Productions, McFarlane Toys, Image Comics, and Eclipse Comics.

Smith is the only sane person in his entire family. The rest are all either in jail, liars or still at large and running from the law. If approached by anyone saying they are a member of Beau Smith’s family, do not look them directly in the eye and call authorities as soon as possible. Fighting them or running won’t be much of an option.

Smith has been known to charge people $.25 to feel his biceps at conventions and store signings.  Women get to feel for free.  Really pretty women get to feel as long as they like… of course, to Smith… all women are pretty.

Beau Smith does NOT owe you money. You must be drunk.

“Aw, Hell… I got morals… they’re just not as well pronounced as most folks, that’s all.”
-Beau Smith