Trail of Work

batmanwildcat3Beau Smith has been writing comic books since 1985. They haven’t found a way to stop him yet.

He has worked for all of the major publishers including DC Comics, Image Comics, Marvel Comics, Chaos Comics, Dark Horse Comics, Knight Press, AC Comics, Wildstorm, Top Cow, Axis Comics and many more. His work also includes video game and film work.  If it’s manly…he’s had a hand or two in it.

His passion for writing  rivals that of his lust for cold beer and pretty women.  Like a dried up booger under a school desk, there doesn’t seem to be a way to get rid of him

Here is a short list of some of the many titles that Beau has written. We’re sure there’s more, but we just don’t believe  Beau when he tells us that he is really Neil Gaiman and Alan Moore.  These books are in no particular order…much like Beau’s life:

  • Batman vs. Wildcat – DC Comics
  • Catwoman vs. Wildcat – DC Comics
  • thetenthfcWonder Woman vs. Xena – DC Comics/Dark Horse (unpublished)
  • “Legion Of Super Heroes” in Showcase ’97 – DC Comics
  • Guy Gardner: Warrior – DC Comics
  • Young Justice Annual – DC Comics
  • Green Lantern Corps. – DC Comics
  • Star Wars Tales – Dark Horse Comics
  • “Aliens” and “The BadLander” in Dark Horse Comics Presents – Dark Horse
  • Wolverine vs. Shi – Crusade/Marvel
  • The Undertaker WWF – Chaos Comics
  • Spawn – Image Comics
  • Spawn The Undead – Image Comics
  • Viking Spawn: Special Fan Edition – Image Comics/Gemstone
  • ShadowHawk – Image Comics
  • The Berzerkers – Image Comics
  • Primate: The Sword Of Darwin – Image Comics
  • The Tenth – Image Comics
  • Scout – Eclipse Comics
  • ggw23The Black Terror – Eclipse Comic
  • Tales Of Terror – Eclipse Comics
  • Alien Worlds – Eclipse Comics
  • Parts Unknown – Image Comics, Blue Line Pro, and Eclipse Comics
  • Wynonna Earp – Image Comics
  • Wynonna Earp: Trade Paperback – IDW Publishing
  • Wynonna Earp: Home On The Strange – IDW Publishing
  • Maximo: Beauty Is Only Sword Deep – Dreamwave Studios
  • Maximo: Army Of Zin Video Game – Capcom Video Games
  • Boof – Image Comics
  • Boof and The Bruise Crew – Image Comics
  • Ronna: Beauty, Brains and Bullets – Knight Press
  • 9/11 – DC Comics
  • Good Girl Quarterly – AC Comics
  • Total Eclipse – Image Comics
  • Angela Special – Image Comics
  • Angela Trade Paperback – Image Comics
  • Dogs Of Danger – Eclipse Comics
  • angelaBeau LaDuke: Real Man – Eclipse Comics
  • Deathgrip – Axis Comics

Here are some of the comics that I have written and created:

  • Primate: The Sword of Darwin
  • The Black Terror
  • The BadLander
  • Parts Unknown
  • Wynonna Earp
  • Maximum Jack


  • Cynthia Rothrock (Action / Comedy)
  • 200 People To Kill (Western)
  • Cossack (Crime)