The Black Terror: Seduction Of Deceit

blackterror1Created by Beau Smith* (this version of The Black Terror only)

Written by Beau Smith and Chuck Dixon
Painted by Dan Brereton
Lettered by Wayne Truman
Covers painted by Dan Brereton
Published by Eclipse Comics

In this alternate world, the Capones and the Kennedys switched paths. The results became amplified terror.

Terror. That’s what it takes to fight against an empire so evil and bulletproof. Terror cloaked in black and highlighted only by the skull and crossbones emblazoned on the chest of the man that wears them.

The Black Terror.

blackterror2By day he appears to be a simple man, a mobster and assassin. At night he takes on an even darker guise, that of the brutal, terrifying Black Terror. But who is this Ryan Delvecchio, and what secret brings him into the inner circle of the Capone political and criminal legacy? The Capones – with wealth and political power beyond anyone’s imagining – are about to face their greatest enemy…a man hiding in their very midst.

Allison Capone–she is as wicked and cold as she is charming. Heiress to an empire of crime, greed and corruption, she has at last come of age–and she has chosen Wall Street as her first conquest. Ryan Delvecchio, the mysterious Black Terror, has but one clue to her sophisticated scheme, a computer disk that is impossible to decipher. Forced into a deadly dance of passion and intrigue, he must use every weapon at his disposal to uncover the truth, before Allison and the Capones rule America anew.

Frankie Dio… beneath his casually sadistic exterior lurks the soul of Satan’s own pit bull. Frankie Dio dwells in the dark underbelly of mob violence, a Capone family hireling more at ease with the arson, torture, and gangland slayings of the past than today’s brand of political intrigue and computer theft. But Dio’s day is dawning….Ryan Delvecchio must use every ounce of cunning to stay alive, and keep Dio from stealing the skull and crossbones of The Black Terror for his own.

This series was far ahead of its time in 1989.  It was a forecast of what we now find as modern crime noir in both film and comics.

“That’s all I am…A power tool without a warranty.”
–The Black Terror