Maximum Jack: Danger 911

jackCreated by Beau Smith and Scot Eaton

Written By Beau Smith
Project in the works

The world of heroes and super-heroes has been spinning around now for over sixty years. Every super power that you could think of has been done, redone, and done again. There are about a million variations on the skintight costume and cape.

So… why is Maximum Jack any different?


Maximum Jack is a project whose major is characterization and which carries a minor in super powers. Maximum Jack is heavy on action and adventure. The appealing part, and the reason people will come back month after month, is that they will have a large investment in what happens to this character.

They will care.

The art on Maximum Jack reflects this strong vein of characterization. Great lengths have been taken to give Jack the look of a real person. There will be no stock comic book look here. Facial expressions and body language have been carefully researched and studied to give the readers the feeling that they know Jack and the other characters. Great detail is given to clothing and equipment to fit the personality of the individual characters.

“Maximum” Jack Novack is a little stronger and a little faster than your average, normal human. That’s also where the difference ends. Jack shares one very important factor with the regular guy…. the guy on the streets and the guy that reads of Jack’s adventures…. Jack thinks, acts, and cares like that normal guy. He is a normal guy put in incredible situations, and he just happens to be a little stronger than most.

That’s the appeal, the hook, and the reason to come back for more.

There’s also a huge mystery factor. How strong is Jack? Where did he and his dog Bob get their powers? Where did he get that scar over his eye? These are questions that will always be brought up, but seldom if ever answered. Early on, before Origin, one of the main reasons Wolverine had been so popular throughout the years was because we knew so little about him. Readers had been teased with some possible answers, but in the end they didn’t know much about him.

That’s why they’ll keep coming back to Maximum Jack.

This is a “think-out-loud” scenario, much like what regular people do when they sit around and talk about what they would do if they won the lottery. In this case, we leave people thinking about what they would do if they were a little stronger and little faster than normal. You don’t have to be from Krypton or frozen in ice for fifty years to ride this train.

For a two-year stretch Jack Novack worked for the U.S. Marshal Corp. as a “Sweeper”. His job was being point man for the Black Badge Division. He was sent into volatile situations to sweep the area and situation of any hostiles, and expedite them to incarceration and capture.

Being a little stronger and a little faster than the normal Marshal, under the President’s request Jack was soon brought in to be a single point agent of the nation’s newest and most semi-secret branch of The Black Shield Division. His new job was to take care of crime situations that held more than a blue-collar threat to the well being of United States citizens and internal law enforcement. His new job was to stop acts of crime here on our own soil that regular law enforcement couldn’t handle through normal channels.

Jack was sent to trouble spots in the United States to put a stop to the crime without drawing too much attention to the scene. Sometimes this went like a whisper in the night and no one was the wiser. Other times it would break out into a very hot situation like a bowl full of five-alarm chili. Jack always put out the fire. It was something he was very good at.

Like any good thing that runs smooth, it wasn’t long before the President started finding small ways to tweak the deal. Trying to bring in more agents, including other branches of law enforcement (FBI, CIA, DEA) and cutting back on expenses and equipment.

Soon after this Jack found that there were too many cooks in the kitchen, and the food was starting to taste real bad.

He quit and went back to Alaska.

Unlike a lot of very bad movies and books, the government didn’t try and hunt Jack down and kill him for “knowing too much.” Like a mailman quitting the post office… he just quit and went home.

Two years later the effects of Jack’s departure hit and hit hard. Throughout the country, pockets of crime were at an all time high. Lots of bad things were falling through the cracks, and Jack wasn’t there to grout them up. Worst of all, international terrorism had invaded the boundaries of the United States.

The new President called Jack to come back. This time on Jack’s terms. The program was put back into its original form. Jack was back working alone, or with a short list of hand picked agents of his choice, answering only to the President. Unlimited government backing and equipment. No uniforms, no reports, no FBI, No CIA. No Hassles. The Flying Fist Tour of America was back in action. Wrongs would be righted and lefts would be thrown.

Jack’s mission is to get the criminal element out of the confines of the United States of America. Throw them over the border, out into the sea, or have a mysterious black chopper come and whisk them away to be a problem for other countries…. ones we don’t really like all that well. As for the battle against terrorism, there isn’t that mercy. That part has become a war. It is dealt with as a war.

Jack comes across a different group of supporting characters with each story arc. Every adventure takes him to a different section of the United States and a different environment.

Jack has his dog – Bob, who just happens to be a little stronger and a little faster than the normal canine. Like Jack, he’s also bulletproof. Bob is a white Bull Terrier that is no smarter or dumber than the dog in your own house. He has his tricks that he can do, but he’s no Benji on steroids. A normal dog in some very un-normal situations. He is Jack’s back up and best friend. It ain’t Scooby-Doo and Shaggy, and it ain’t Timmy and Lassie.

This book is filled with a quirky atmosphere that will have fans of films like The Immortals, Top of the World, and Back To Back talking about Maximum Jack in the same breath. It will carry the same feel of character driven stories that have made Buffy The Vampire Slayer a hit with consumers that spend money on pop culture entertainment items.

Superman can save the universe. The Fantastic Four can save the world, but it’s Maximum Jack that will rid your town of the kinda crime you don’t want living next door.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the Russian mob trafficking drugs through the Alaskan pipeline, home grown terrorists blowing up fast food chains, or even a cult of crazed Canadian lumberjacks crossing the border and stealing high tech farm equipment; Maximum Jack will be there to enforce American justice for the common man.

This is seen as a color book. A 48 page one-shot or a 4 issue mini-series. Also seen, depending on sales, as a series of mini-series.

If you thought you knew heroes, you don’t know Jack… Maximum Jack!

Copyright and TM Beau Smith and Scot Eaton