The BadLander

Created and written by Beau Smith

Art and design by Sergio Cariello
Published by Dark Horse Comics

In the tradition of Clint Eastwood’s dark gothic westerns, The BadLander rides across the printed page, and vengeance is his steed.


In a hell hole town overrun by the worst of the west, the mysterious demon of the dust – The BadLander – rides in to extract justice from those that embrace evil like a lover. In his world the only way you can put out the fire of evil is with a spark from the flames of Hell. The BadLander is that spark.

Sergio Cariello’s art is interwoven with Smith’s script to paint a hidden fable of the old west on a canvas of revenge.

“Bein’ dead….you’re not gonna like it much.”
–The BadLander

 Copyright and TM Beau Smith and Sergio Cariello